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A tip

I have been inviting people to use creative forms of communication in an
Open Space Technology meeting. I do this by noting in my opening that some
reports will be verbal but others might be mindmaps and others might be
drawings and so on. This requires me to do two things. The first is to have
materials available in the main room for people to come and choose what they
want to use. My colleauge Bill Cleveland in the USA who is involved in the
field of arts does many of his Open Space Technology meetings at a location
in which one breakout space is a stage, another is a pottery room, another
is a painting studio and so on--the appropriate materials are in each room.
The second challenge is to figure out how to record the reports for the
"book of proceedings". I tried bringing a scanner and scanning them in but I
ran into alot of difficulties. Now we are trying our digital camera with
much more success. Thanks to Romy Shovelton in the UK and to Esther Ewing in
Canada for this suggestion.

Another tip

This one is thanks to Romy Shovelton in the UK. When she did up the "book of
proceedings" for our recent workshop there, she made sure there was a photo
of every participant and she put the picture alongside of the person's
contact information at the front of the book. It is wonderful as I sit here
today to see the pictures to remind me of who each person is. Again, a
digital camera was used and Romy made it a pleasant exercise, having people
pair up to take each other's pictures.

And another tip

When doing convergence, I often now add a component to what I do and I have been more than pleased with the results and with the increased commitment to follow up. What I do is to provide two handouts along with the "book of proceedings". Each of the two handouts asks people to fill in the page as they are reading the book of proceedings. On one page they are to fill out any personal commitments that they take from the meeting. The other page they are to fill out what commitments they take back to any and all
organizations that they belong to that might assist that organization based
on what happened in the OST meeting. I ask that these be handed in so that
we can enter them into the computers. We then tape them all onto a wall.
This wall of commitments is very impressive. People are asked to take their
pages with them as they go and it is impressive to watch this also.